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You are about to learn / know about our great paid support services that we provide for our scripts and software ( like peepmatches or any future software )
Although we put all help docs between your hands to understand and solve our scripts issues by your self, we thought that some people are beginners for online business and scripts like ours .
Also, there are some people don't want make mistakes that make their site fall down after their website been popular and collected more members .
Even your site is not start yet or is a popular site with our software, our technecal staff will take care for your site and they working with you to solve any problems caused by our scripts .
what is mean paid support services ?
It means that we provide proffessional and quick support to your site issues for some money, this money for our time .
What are the advantages that will be received in exchange for payment of money to support ?
As we said although we provide many support resources such as support forum, scripts help docs, support tickets and FAQ section, these free support resources may be not dynamic for you, because its delay in reply or these resources are give you knowledge to solve the issues by your self.
So, we offer you powerful supoort ways and facilities as below :
  • All free customer Support facilities
  • +
  • - Get support by live chat
  • - Get support by site messages
  • - All support departments appear in client dashboard, so you can connect directly with our staff

what you will get ?
  • - Install our software for you
  • - Resolve your issue in few time
  • - Our staff will resolve your issue, either through your ftp access or admin panel
  • - Get our help in how to manage your site by admin area

Is paid support expensive?
It is low as 25$ per 30 days, we think that 25$ is nothing beside others that they provide paid support more than 50$ .
How you can subscribe and purchase your period ?
If you made your decision and don't know how purchase this support package, so it is time to Read this article to learn how purchase paid support plan .
After purchase how you can get support
Just you make your payment via paypal, turn back to peepdev client dashboard, you should find support plan and professional support departments appeared in dashboard .
go to a particular department you will see online for chat button, simply send your issue and one of our staff respond immediately. in case you find chat not available button, don't worry look at above you will find send message button, send your message and provide us when you will be online at peepdev and one of our staff will wait you at this time or may be our staff exist but turn off chat for developing work, in this case you will find a reply immediately . ( cool, right ? )
Important Notices :
1- We support and resolve issues caused by our software core, main plugins or themes, if the issue caused by your host contact them for this issue .
2- Be sure that your host meet our software requirements, or contact your host and send them our requirement . you can find our scripts requirements here
3- Our support is available in English and Arabic languages .
4- You can cancel subscription from your paypal profile > My Approved Payments anytime when you don't need our support, but you can't request a refund after the end of support period .

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