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Sep 16 '16 | Written By Ashrafdev

Now after 12 months with hard work we can say that we are here and peepdev company is online taking its place at the web .

what is peepdev and what we doing ?

We developing social networking and dating websites in full php, javascript, html, html5, css, and css3 . with modern styles and full features with complete

site controls .

Our social and dating scripts are lovely for people want own their advanced social website like facebook, google plus, and twitter or want build amazing dating communities such as badoo, tagged, and twoo . 


YES with us you can create and build a very professional social network in php coding .


We know that there are many sites on the internet provide same service, but we are different . why ?

Although that there are many places provide the same service, but all our software's beta testers said that we are different .

We are finished our first script and we let our testers start to test it in live, peepdev team and the testers found that it is fast loaded and they are very happy with its design .

Also, they said , this script will rocks the world of dating and meeting new people lovers, with its new concept .


OUR difference comes from our fresh thoughts, we always in peepdev peep every morning and search for new ideas and concepts, so we try to leave old and traditional social networking websites and scripts to new and modern .


High quality with low price our scripts will be cheapest social networking scripts on the web with high quality and more features than others .


peepmatches software is a start 

As we said that we finished the first script and now testing by our beta testers, this script called ( peepmatches ), peepmatches is a software for dating, but it is more than dating, it has new idea .

it is a collection between dating and social networking features .

peepmatches enables people meet new people and dating with them, also they can added them as contacts then they can follow their news and sharing their stories .

peepmatches will contains all social networking addons such as messaging system, instant chat, profiles comments ...etc,


Peepmatches will be available for purchase after beta testing finish, and we will publish it as soon as possible .


Finally, we hope that all our customers love what we doing, and peepdev team promise you to support you until you have a big site .



Ashraf Yehia

Peepdev Administrator 



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