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how you can subscribe for paid support

Notice: before you subscribe for paid support plan, you should purchase any of our software and scripts and you have a valid license, ( may be our support staff ask you to provide your license and your website domain before they proceed in provide you professional support for your issue ) .

To subscribe for paid support plan follow these few steps :

1- login to your peepdev account in https://www.peepdev.com  if you haven't peepdev account create one Here

2- After successful login your dashboard go to paid support plans menu in left side or boost your support now button in your dashboard .

3- Now you are in paid support plans page, read paid support advantages and compare between customer plan and supported plan, if you are satisfied then click on purchase button . and the last it will redirect you to paypal website to pay and complete your purchase .

4- After successful payment, turn back to peepdev website you will find support section in dashboard changed and you should see your support plan and it is valid for 30 days, also you will find our support departments appear there .

For more information in about paid support and how you can use it feel free to read this about paid support page

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